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Real Estate manages comprehensive public and private, equity and debt strategies, with approximately $48.8 billion of assets under management as of September 30, 2023. Backed by a vertically integrated platform, demonstrated track record, tenured team, thematic investment approach, access to proprietary deal flow, and synergies with the broader Ares platform, we are able to identify and execute on attractive opportunities with compelling risk-reward profiles.

We maintain a time-tested and consistent approach across our equity and debt strategies focusing on major property types and adjacent sectors that have value creation opportunities, located in liquid markets with diversified economies.

Ares Real Estate

Primary Role

Majority or shared control investor with execution and asset management experience


Denver, New York, Atlanta, Rutherford, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, El Segundo, Seattle, West Hartford, Charlotte, London, Mumbai, Luxembourg, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt

Primary Areas of Focus

Industrial and Logistics, Multifamily and Residential, Office, Hospitality and Necessity-Based Retail

Types of Investments(1)

Senior First Mortgage Loans, Subordinated Debt, Preferred Equity, Common Equity, and Other CRE Investments

(1) None of our fund strategies involve the active trading of securities instruments; however, securities instruments may be acquired/disposed in accordance with the general strategy of the fund.


We believe our cycle-tested team, access to real-time property market and corporate trends and disciplined approach to value creation and risk mitigation differentiate us from other investors.

Ares Real Estate provides investors access to its capabilities through several vehicles including private commingled funds in the U.S. and Europe investing in equity and debt strategies, as well as Non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) and Ares Commercial Real Estate Corporation (NYSE: ACRE), a publicly traded commercial mortgage real estate investment trust.

Ares Real Estate activities are managed by dedicated equity and debt teams in the U.S. and Europe, which leverage the following core capabilities across our platform:

Experienced Leadership

Experienced Leadership 

Stable and deep team that has been market cycle-tested and is established in many local markets across the world

Global Market Perspective

Global Market Perspective

Integrating a global market view with local market knowledge and fundamental asset analysis

Multi-Channel Sourcing

Multi-Channel Sourcing 

Deep connectivity into local property networks, leading to proprietary investment opportunities sourced with an Ares Advantage

In-House Research

In-House Research

Comprehensive macroeconomic, market, sub-market property and industry research providing real-time information to capitalize on real estate market trends and support rigorous underwriting of investment opportunities.

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To contact Ares Real Estate, please reach out to one of the key contacts below:

Real Estate Equity

For inquiries regarding real estate equity, please contact:

Melanie Schiff

Email: [email protected]

Real Estate Equity - Industrial

For inquiries regarding real estate equity - industrial, please contact:

Dave Fazekas

Email: [email protected]

Real Estate Debt

For inquiries regarding real estate debt, please contact:

Dhaval Parikh

Email: [email protected]